About Us

Cara Entertainment Group

“The aim for Cara Entertainment Group is to make it easier for artists to ply their trade while Cara Entertainment Group work on all levels of the artist’s business.

Pairing their passion for the arts & music with an ability & deep-rooted desire to deliver artists & their creations to wider audiences, they established Cara Entertainment Group.

In today’s challenging artistic arena, it’s harder & harder to make a living as an artist. If you’re a band & you want to come to America, it’s almost impossible…unless you’ve got the right paperwork & opportunities in place.

Thus, the establishment of Cara Entertainment Group!

Danny’s experience as a lawyer in New York the last 6 years gives Cara Entertainment Group an edge in dealing with immigration & contracts issues.

André has been in the media & entertainment business his entire career. He has worked for music labels, network broadcasters, ad agencies & more.

Combined, they bring 30-plus years of experience to bear in helping to creatively bring musicians, dancers & other artists to their audiences in America.

Whether it’s immigration, marketing, booking shows or negotiating contracts & deals, Cara Entertainment Group always has the artist’s best interest at heart.