About Danny Grace

I’ve spent almost 6 years in New York assisting the immigrant community through their plights. and quests to gain legal temporary or permanent status. This work led me to question whether things could be made easier; whether people could have someone to turn to who they know has their back through the mire of US immigration. A love of artistry and enterprise led me into Cara Entertainment Group.

I received my law degree in University of Limerick Law School, in Limerick, Ireland, in 2010. After moving to New York with the immigrant dream, I was then admitted to the New York State Bar in 2011, found work, and practiced as a trial attorney taking hundreds of contractual cases to verdict. I have been published in the New York Law Journal and have successfully argued in the Appeals Courts.

As an immigrant myself, however, I have met scores of individuals and families needing help. I pride myself on the help that I have been able to offer thus far, but I know there is more that can be done. I want to be the help that I would love to have had when moving here. I want to be the advocate and the representation for performers of all kinds who are seeking to fulfill a dream that I shared. Add to this the wealth of experience I have gained in contractual negotiations and performing (albeit on the rugby field), and you have a perspective that I believe is unmatched.

I suppose I wish Cara were around when I arrived.